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Cindy Hogan filmography rating is 5.8/10 on average

Cindy Hogan

Ύψος: 157m

Βαθμολογία: 5.8/10


Cindy Hogan - Έχει συμμετάσχει ως ηθοποιός σε παραγωγές όπως το Last Seen Alive (2022) ως Anna Adams, το 5000 Blankets (2022) ως Delia, το American Underdog (2021) ως Sue Warner, το Queen Bees (2021) ως Elizabeth & το The Case for Christ (2017) ως Lorena Sorbel. Γνωστοί συνεργάτες της υπήρξαν ο σκηνοθέτης Michael Lembeck, ο σεναριογράφος Donald Martin και οι ηθοποιοί Lance E. Nichols, Zachary Levi, Gerard Butler, Mike Vogel & Alden Ehrenreich.

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Παραγωγές ως ηθοποιός:

5000 Blankets (2022) as Delia

Last Seen Alive (2022) as Anna Adams

Queen Bees (2021) as Elizabeth

American Underdog (2021) as Sue Warner

The Case for Christ (2017) as Lorena Sorbel

Valencia (2016) as Neighbor Woman

June (2015) as Candy

Drop Dead Diva (TV series) as Linda Tobin

Red Dirt Rising (2014) as Ellie Lewallen

Untouched (2014) as Karon Clements

Christmas Wedding Baby (2014) as Nurse Rena

Beautiful Creatures (2013) as Mrs. Asher

Second Generation Wayans (2013) as Kate Carter

Exposure (2013) as Amy Rollins

The Devil Incarnate (2013) as Maria Davidson

Breakout Kings (TV series) as Warden

Army Wives (2012) as Dr. Lewis

Where I Begin (2011) as Connie

Junction (2008) as Linda

Veronica Mars (TV series) as Mrs. Lee

The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story (2004) as Kim Peterson

Hunter (2003) as Lisa

Motocrossed (2001) as Registrar

The Invisible Man (2000) as Sarah Merante

After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped (2000) as Talk Show Host

NightMan (1998) as Nurse

RocketMan (1997) as Reporter

Walker, Texas Ranger (1994) as Jan Brewer / Lurleen Lonneville

Mann & Machine (1992) as Bonnie Kennedy

Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story (1992) as Gym Instructor